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Visit our just launched Nursery Farm. Saeed Nursery Farm is another part of Saeed International. Address: West Canal Road near Faisal Garden and Telenor Head Office, Faisalabad. Website:


We manufacture a variety of products under the brand name of 'Saeed International' from Natural Salt Crystal Rocks acquired from the biggest worldwide renowned Himalayan Mountain Ranges of Pakistan like Warcha, Khewra and Kalabagh mines and put them on retail as well as on wholesale market throughout the world.

Mine's Wall  

Both the health and competence of human being are by a long way reliant on the quality of the air we breathe and the salt crystal rocks do the same job naturally.


Our mission is to provide our valuable customers a quality environment around them by means of supply of our qualitative Salt Crystal Products. We look forward for a rapid growth in our unique range of Salt Crystal Products because of welcome response from our precious customers and will try our best to keep their confidence in long run through the provision of our quality service and feedback


We are a health-conscious company striving for an excellent healthy environment around you for your well being by absolutely natural way without going into any chemical or mechanical process.


Many enlightened people are aware of Salt Crystal Lamps. These lamps produce Negative Ions, which are essential for health and general upkeep of human body as they kill the contaminated particles (positive ions) from the air. These lamps are manufactured in many colors, shades and designs. Though today man-made machines are marketed to emit negative electric charges in the air but these are expensive as well as unnatural whereas the Salt Crystal Lamps and allied products are Mother Nature's gift to humanity specially the ailing ones.



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