As these lamps absorb a lot of moisture from the air, so these should not be put in damp rooms or outdoors. In case these products get wet, just use them normally as the warmth of the light will dry them and take away any powdery material with the help of dry duster.

Only make sure that you put on the lamps or globes for a longer period daily preferably round the clock.

Kindly drop the lit tealight quietly and slowly into the lamp or globe and also not put out it carelessly. Before changing the bulb, first put the plug out of the socket to prevent electric shock.

There is no maintenance of the salt crystal lamps and allied products except for the change of electric bulbs or candles.
It is recommended to keep these products out of the reach of children.

  • Designs and specifications are subject to possible modifications without notice due to improvements.
  • Weights and dimensions mentioned against each design are inclusive of bases.
  • Additional US $ 7.00 will be charged if you would like to change wooden base with marble, plastic or wrought iron base.
  • The prices given along with respective items are only retail prices. For wholesale prices please contact us.
  • Courier charges will be charged in the following manner.


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