Unique Features of Salt Lamps and Allied Products:

Salt Crystal Lamp  

Salt Crystal Lamps are made from absolute Natural Salt Crystal Rocks accumulated for millions of years in salt mines underground (700ft. to 800ft.). It has steady glow with beautiful designs, weighing from 2Kg. to above and measuring upto 20 inches. Mostly these are made like natural rock shape (hand-carved) but we also manufacture in finished shapes of many kinds and designs.

Each Salt Crystal Lamp is unique in shape, colour, crystal composition and dimensions. None two will be accurately identical. With the passage of time, it does not depreciate with reference to weight, size, colour and/or shape. Moreover, it also does not loose its capacity of negative ions production.

Salt Crystal Globes

Salt Crystal Globes both Ceiling and Pedestal Globes are made with their idealistic attributes.

As besides their medical factor, Ceiling Globes give very fancy, attractive and decorative look when hanging over tables in hotels, restaurants, dining rooms and smoking areas. And Pedestal Globes placed in lounges, waiting rooms and beside the executive tables in the offices provide very cozy environment and excellent scene.

Tea Lights

Tealights in different natural and finished shapes when glow with the help of inside candles, not only emit negative ions but also add stunning beauty to the environment and make it romantic too. The flickering fire creates a quiet and calm environment. These also do not deteriorate in any way by their utilization.

Bath Salt Soap

Bath Salt Soap is used for massage during bath. It finishes the dullness, keeps the body refresh and cleansing the skin naturally. It is made in different attractive shapes of soap

Rock Salt Tiles & Blocks

Blocks in different sizes are used to place on the walls of bedrooms with lighting arrangement behind them, specially for asthmatic/allergic patients and also for the well being of the other residents


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