In Bedrooms:      
  In Bedrooms  

Salt Crystal Lamps, Globes or Tealights when glow in gloom provide charismatic and romantic view and also create healthy environment that besides giving peaceful sleep, enhance the affection between the partners by reducing stress and enriching their immune system and make them able to enjoy the company more effectively.

  In Offices:      

Where they keep the work force refresh and energize, improve their efficiency, deliberation and make them able to concentrate more on their work by naturalizing the artificial environment.

  In Computer:      

These products reduce the fatigue and help in eliminating computer electro magnetic pollution and monitor radiations.

  Patients   Lamps near them will help in quick recovery from sickness and dullness.  
  On Study Table:      

As these products enhance concentration of readers, increase their efficiency and reduce exhaustion


They can enhance their meditative experience as salt crystal products would relax them.


Lamps and/or globes will clear away the un-pleasant smells around the smokers faster and throw out the injurious nicotine toxins from the room naturally.

  While entertaining dinner guests      

As these will help the invitees to enjoy the gathering in a cozy and welcome environment and make the event memorable

  While having a relaxing bath      

A glowing salt lamp with massage of bath salt on the body provides leisure and relaxation. And help you in getting rid from tiresomeness of the day's work and will give a comforting sleep at night. You may use it dry or in the shower or bath for skin cleansing, exfoliation like a pumice stone and for the general well being

  For Allergy Victims:      
  For Allergy Victims   To reside in a fresh, clean and hygienic atmosphere  
  Wherever you want      
    To improve air quality and to make a cozy environment.  

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